Sales & Strategy Manager

Zoe Le Page

Sales & Strategy Manager

Zoe’s journey into real estate was a seamless transition from her teaching background, driven by a passion for helping people through significant life changes. Recognizing the importance of handling such moments with care and respect, she made these principles a cornerstone of her approach.

Before becoming an agent, Zoe owned a successful copywriting business specializing in the real estate industry. This gave her a strong foundation in the industry and led her to a fulfilling career in real estate.

Zoe’s philosophy centres around her clients, with a commitment to understanding their unique stories and motivations. By tailoring her approach to meet each client’s individual needs, she ensures a personalised and seamless experience throughout the entire process.

What sets Zoe apart is her genuine joy in facilitating success, whether it be for her clients or her team. She finds satisfaction in actively assisting others in achieving their goals and progressing in their real estate endeavours.

Guided by the advice to “be yourself, because everyone else is already taken,” Zoe stays true to her passions and goals. She believes that celebrating the diversity each person brings to the table is the key to fostering strong partnerships and achieving collective success.

Quality time with family and friends, accompanied by good food, wine, and sunshine, ranks high among Zoe’s greatest joys.

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